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Adjustable Proportioning Valve & 2pcs 10LB Residual Valve Drum/Drum For Chevy Ford GM

Adjustable Proportioning Valve & 2pcs 10LB Residual Valve Drum/Drum For Chevy Ford GM

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Universal Adjustable Proportioning Valve

--Finish: Chrome

--Adjustable proportioning valves are essentially pressure reducing valves and are often utilized in disc/drum, disc/disc and drum/drum braking systems.

--The valve is used to control front-to-rear brake pressure bias and will work for all types of vehicles.

--Install this valve between the distribution block and the rear flex hose in the front-to rear rigid brake line.

--Always use tube wrenches to tighten fittings properly.

--Final settings of this valve will depend on your particular vehicle, and individual preference.

--3/8-24 IFF fitting size

--Pressure adjustments range 100-1000 PSI and provide for a maximum decrease of 57% in line pressure.

--“IN” (Stamped on valve) – Rigid brake line from the distribution block to this port. On early cars: the master cylinder rear port to this port.

--“OUT” (Stamped on valve) – Rigid brake line to the rear flex hose.

--“DECREASE” – Reduces the brake line pressure to the rear brakes.

--“INCREASE” – Increases the pressure to the rear brakes.

10 pound residual pressure valve.

--The valve is used with any drum brake application where the master cylinder is located under the floor.

--When the master cylinder is under the floor, it is usually lower than the drums.

--Gravity and vibration can cause brake fluid to leak back to the master cylinder away from the drums, causing a loss of brake pressure.

--This valve will act as a one way check valve that prevents this type of bleed-back.

--Without it, there is a good chance that the brakes will drag or give out completely!

--This valve also helps keep brake pressure constant in the drums.

--The 10 pound valve will keep brake pressure in the drums at all times, giving better response when you hit your brakes.

--This valve is an inexpensive and necessary addition to your brake system.

Package: including all items in the picture.

Note: Professional Installation is Highly Recommended. Installation Instruction is NOT Included.

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