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GM Disc Drum Brake Brass Proportioning Valve Street Rod Classic Car & Truck

GM Disc Drum Brake Brass Proportioning Valve Street Rod Classic Car & Truck

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--This is a universal valve it will work on any vehicle as long as you can hook it up

-- Brass finish

--Disc/Drum application

--3/8-24 ports for front left and right caliper and 9/16-18 port for the rear brakes 1/2-20" & 7/16-18" ports

--This is a good way to properly balance your brake system to ensure sufficient braking pressure.

--Brand new GM brass proportioning valve Disc Drum brake applications.

--It performs all the necessary functions when using disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear.

--This valve will reduce braking pressure to the rear when necessary to prevent the brakes from locking up.

--It also distributes the brake pressure evenly so that the disc brakes are not doing all the work.

--This valve will also act as residual pressure the rear drum brakes, allowing better responsiveness when the brakes are applied.

--It also has a brake warning light switch to alert you if there is any failure in the braking system.

--This valve is a great upgrade over the original and is a must when upgrading from drum to disc brakes.

--This is a GM style valve, but will work on almost any Chevy as long as you have the right fittings.

--This valve is solid brass, making it long lasting and heavy duty.

--Package: Including all items in the picture.

Note: Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.

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