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Fits Ford 351C 460 Billet Performance Racing Distributor Ready To Run

Fits Ford 351C 460 Billet Performance Racing Distributor Ready To Run

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Description:FORD 351C PRO BILLET READY TO RUN DISTRIBUTOR The distributor housing is precision CNC machined from 6061 Billet aluminum. This procedure produces a flawless, lightweight distributor housing that is accurate to within 0.001".To accurately guide this shaft, uses a sealed ball bearing located at the top of the housing andat the bottom of the housing, an extra long sintered bushing. This combination keeps the shaft spinning smooth and accurately through 10,000 rpm.The Pro Billet Ready to Run distributor is the perfect upgrade for outdated points distributors or bulky HEI's.

All you need to do is connect the power, ground, and coil trigger wires.A maintenance-free magnetic pickup accurately triggers this ignition. The increased output of the amplifier easily outperforms stock ignitions and will smooth out the engines idle; improve starting and provide a much higher rpm range.For positive street performance, the Ready-to-Run is the best choice.

Adjustable Mechanical Advance:One of the most important features of the Distributors is the adjustable mechanical advance assembly. The advance assembly allows you to accurately modify the advance curve to match your specific application. To start with, the advance plate is stamped and machined from chrome moly, weight pins are then staked in and TIG welded in place.

This assembly, along with the weights, then receives the corrosion resistant QPQ coating.

Professional Installation is Highly Recommended (No Instruction and Wiring Diagram Included)

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