Provide Yourself A Safe Driving

Provide Yourself A Safe Driving

Road traffic accidents has become top 10 of causes of deaths every year in the whole world. But still it gets not enough attention. Road accidents occur mainly because people ignore some basic and common information while driving. Below are what you should avoid while driving.

1.Don't drive without wearing a seat belt. The seat belt is provided for the safety of the driver and passengers in case of an accident or crash. It has saved millions of lives over the years. That is why most countries made it compulsory to wear seat belts while driving. Please make it a habit of wearing seat belt every time you enter your vehicle.

2.Don't multitask or drive with distractions. "I am good at multitasking". This is the biggest lie you will ever come across. It is a proven scientific fact that human brain cannot multitask. Whenever you think you are multitasking, actually your brain is just switching from one task to another very fast. But it is not performing two tasks simultaneously. So your brain is actually losing energy in switching and the efficiency of doing each task is decreased tremendously.

3.Don't drink and drive. You cannot hide the fact that you will not be in full control of your body when drunk. At that moment you might feel overconfident about yourself. So, don't take that risk at all. Make prior arrangements like a taxi, if you have any such plans for the night.

4.Avoid over speeding. According to the studies, speeding ranks second after drunk driving that causes traffic fatalities. Going above speed limit may lead your vehicle to topple or skid at turns. With increase in speed, the risk of accident increases. The average reaction time of a driver is considered to be 1.5 seconds, which means even after you see something wrong about to happen, your brain will take 1.5 seconds to think if you should apply brake or if you should increase speed or take turn.

5.Avoid getting emotional while driving. Never get out and start driving when you are extremely emotional. Your mind will be preoccupied in your problems or worries, and you won't be able to focus on the road. Whenever a person listens to rock music or fast songs while driving, the pace of his car also increased. Similarly, while listening to smooth and slow music, he drives at a slow pace. And this is just the effect of mood on driving.

6.Don't break traffic rules. When you break a traffic rule, you are not only a danger to your own life, but more importantly, you are a great danger to other innocent people. Many pedestrians are killed because of people breaking traffic rules and getting crashed. Sometimes the drivers come out safely because of the seat belt, but innocent people are killed. So, Please follow traffic rules.

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