Get Your Car Prepared For Summer

Get Your Car Prepared For Summer

As summer is around the corner, temperature will go up and your car will witness more dust and traffic. Give some attention to your car service and maintenance, and make your car in good condition throughout the summer.

Cooling & Air ConditioningAccording to a study, summer has the highest number of car breakdown, mainly because of an overheated engine. Hot air and high speed will badly impact the engine. Traffic jams can also cause overheating of the engine. To prevent a breakdown, make sure the air conditioning system is working at its optimal efficiency. Also, it is strongly recommended to take your car for air conditioning services which include recharge and replacement of a worn out or damaged part if any. A professional car service station offering such services will measure the coolant strength and check all other parts or components. They will flush out the old antifreeze liquid, as it may lead to corrosion of parts. So, if you haven't cooled your car using air fans or air conditioning for a long time, please check if they are working properly.

Wipers & Windscreen: Summer wind can spread dust over your car's windshield and driving with such windshield won't just stress your eyes but can pose a serious safety risk. Change worn out blades with new ones and make sure there is enough solvent in your vehicle's windscreen washer.


Tyres & Wheels: Remember to replace your winter tyres with all-weather or summer tyres. Also, don't skip to check your tyres for cuts, tread depth, pressure and abnormal wearing before getting started to drive. Follow the manufacturer's guideline for tyre pressure and tread depth. If going on a long driving holiday trip, it’s better to take a spare wheel and a jack in good condition. Also, check if the wheels are aligned perfectly, else they can cause uneven wearing. In short, get your wheels and tyres checked by an expert mechanic.

Lights: Check if all lights and LEDs in are working properly. Replace the failed bulb or light. It is recommended to clean lenses regularly. Don't use a dry rag, as it can cause smears.

Top up engine oil and other fluids; check your car's seat belts, battery and brakes, and don't forget to carry an emergency kit in your car before driving.



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